Unblock All Websites At School And Work With UnblockMy.com

Unblock your dot com today with our free web proxy unblocker. Surf anonymously to your favorite websites and stay safe online. Unblock websites at school, work or surf safely at home any time of the day or night, we're here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tell your friends and colleagues about us too, there's a Bookmark & Share link top left.


Instructions - How To Use Us

Enter your desired web address into the url box (above) and click [SURF...], the webpage will then be displayed for you to browse freely and anonymously. You may have to change 'Remove Scripts' settings in [Options] for some websites to display properly, this is normal. You may have to use the Mobile or Lite versions of some sites where available too. This is beyond our control. All the latest plugins are installed to help. We are hosted in the USA

Why Should You Use An Anonymous Unblocker Service?

This is a free and anonymous service that will hide your online identity. Our service will hide your IP address and let you bypass your work/school webfilter easily. For example, is YouTube blocked by your school/work? It will get unblocked when you use our service. Your private information will be kept safe by our private web servers. Feel free to use this service as many times as you want. Unblock, bypass and surf for free now. Stay safe and anonymous online today and every day. Tell your friends about us too, spread the word!